Aitronik joins FederUnacoma

Aitronik joins FederUnacoma

Why join a trade federation? What concrete benefits does it bring? 

For our recent association with FederUnacoma, the definitive answer can be given in a while. For now, the association is off to a good start.

FederUnacoma is the National Federation of Machine Builders for Agriculture and is the Italian point of reference for anyone who benefits our farmers through machinery and technology. It is also the organizer of EIMA International, among the most important international fairs in agricultural machinery.

With Aitronik, we recently joined FederUnacoma for three main reasons:

  1. to share among members state-of-the-art technologies for the robotization of agricultural machinery
  2. to expand the network in the field of agriculture technologies
  3. obtain detailed industry information regarding regulations, events, trends, focus on specific countries, etc.

Continuing our mission to make work safer and more efficient through the robotization of vehicles, joining the Agridigital section of FederUnacoma was a strategic step.

Indeed, the Federation is an important bridge to get in touch with a large number of Italian and European manufacturers, and it has within it many professionals who produce and share content of great interest to those in the industry.

In practice, after a few days from the association, we are already receiving important information about the agritech world, from international events to technology needs in foreign countries, from the new Machinery Regulation to details about ISOBUS, and so on.

Special thanks go to Eng. Carlo Linetti for warmly inviting us to apply, to Dr. Franca Zaro who facilitated our candidacy by promptly answering all our questions, and to Eng. Alessio Bolognesi for the important technical support he has given us since the early days and the tireless contribution he brings daily to AgriDigital.

And a thank you to everyone who strives daily for more sustainable agriculture for humans and the environment.

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