Riccardo Di Majo joins Aitronik as a Robotics Engineer

Do you remember the novel framework on Semantic Mapping and Self Localization for Mobile Robots that was developed by Riccardo Di Majo during his Master’s thesis?

We are happy to announce that Riccardo has joined Aitronik as our new Autonomous Robotics Engineer!

With a solid background in Robotics, Sensor Fusion, and Localization algorithms for mobile robots, Riccardo brings a significant contribution to the development of novel autonomous robots designed for mapping, exploration, and understanding of unknown environments.

We are excited to have Riccardo on board and to see how his expertise will help our customers push toward smarter robots!

Please join us in giving Riccardo a warm welcome!🤝

To learn about Riccardo’s results, check out this article:

➡ Riccardo Di Majo graduates in Robotics Engineering

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