Aitronik industrial expertise at Sant’Anna Seasonal School 2021-2022

Have you ever heard about the Seasonal School of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, the intensive courses dedicated to the most talented Master and PhD students in the world?

Tomorrow, September 16, our RT&Embedded Systems Specialist Carmelo Di Franco will give a talk at the Next-Generation Cyber-Physical Systems course, that focuses on CPS that make use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which are more exposed to safety and security threats. The intensive, five-days training covers real-time computing, the design of embedded systems, machine learning, cyber-security, operating systems and hypervisors, and edge computing with hardware acceleration.

Tomorrow Carmelo will share how Aitronik designs and builds software for autonomous robots, with details on safety, security, and predictability from a timing perspective. He will detail why and how the course topics are deployed in industrial projects, with a live discussion on current challenges and requirements posed by autonomous robots.

Stay tuned, more updates coming soon!

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