Workshop Master Robotics and Machine Learning

The two-day Workshop of the Master Robotics and Machine Learning by Experis Academy in collaboration with Aitronik has come to an end!

For two days, the 16 participants (all industry professionals) acquired practical skills in the development of mobile robots inside Aitronik’s labs.

On Friday the participants got familiar with self-driving robot technologies, experimenting with typical sensors in mobile robotics and finding a practical correspondence to the theoretical knowledge acquired during the Master. The “tour” on a self-driving vehicle has stimulated the deepening of the architecture of a real vehicle. And on Saturday, everybody worked on the robot programming challenge!

Divided into three groups, the professionals challenged each other in programming ground robots, with the goal of teaching the robots how to navigate inside corridors, recognize QR codes, identify signals, and reach the final destination.

And all in just a few hours!

It was a very intense two days, full of technology, interaction, and engagement.

Thanks to Experis Academy, who wanted Aitronik to realize the workshop. Thanks to all the participants, who faced the activities with enthusiasm and spirit of initiative. And, with a bit of pride, thanks to our teachers, who shared their knowledge and recreated a dynamic and interactive environment.

See you next year!


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