COMP4DRONES is an ECSEL JU project coordinated by Indra that brings together a consortium of 50 partners to provide a framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones. As a strategic partner in prototyping novel unmanned vehicles, Aitronik had the responsibility of integrating the autonomous rover in the Precision Agriculture Use Case, to […]

Autonomous Scrubbing Machine

Have you ever seen scrubbing machines within your trusted supermarket, driven by a human operator, or being used to clean indoor spaces inside industrial buildings and airports? Well, that picture might rapidly become pretty old and unfashionable.  Like many other industries, scrubbing machines are about to be totally revolutionalized by the advent of Mobile Robotics. […]

The NuViBOT Project

The NuViBOT project aims to realize in 18 months an innovative, autonomous robotic system, dedicated to emerging tree crops, to spray, weed, and manage grass in crops, in full respect of the environment. The project is coordinated by Aitronik, which leads a Consortium made of SMEs and Research Centers in Tuscany, and won fundings from […]

Autonomous Counterbalance Forklifts

The development of autonomous solutions is growing everywhere, in many fields. Would you fear a counterbalance forklift moving autonomously within a building, close to people, while loading and downloading goods? If your answer is yes, prepare for the revolution of loading and unloading autonomous robotics. According to Acumen Research and Consulting, the global autonomous forklift […]


The research project “MAG-IA” aimed to adapt warehouse standards to the new philosophy of Industry 4.0. The project was partially funded by the Tuscany Region under the POR FESR 2014-2020. It was developed in 24 months by a Consortium composed by Big Companies, SMEs, and Research Centers. Firstly, Cassioli srl, a company developing, manufacturing and […]