COMP4DRONES is an ECSEL JU project coordinated by Indra that brings together a consortium of 50 partners to provide a framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones.

COMP4DRONES is bearing a holistically designed ecosystem ranging from applications to electronic components, realized as a tightly integrated multi-vendor and compositional drone embedded architecture solution and a toolchain complementing the compositional architecture principles.

The COMP4DRONES team at the kick-off in Madrid, October 2019

The ecosystem aims at supporting efficient customization and incremental assurance of drone embedded platforms, safe autonomous decision making concerning individual or cooperative missions, trustworthy drone-to-drone and drone-to-ground communications even in presence of malicious attackers and under the intrinsic platform constraints, and agile and cost-effective compositional design and assurance of drone modules and systems.

COMP4DRONES was started in October 2019, and his activities span over 3 years.

Comp4Drones first promotional video

The project is mainly focusing on the following objectives:

  • Ease the integration and customization of embedded drone systems.
  • Enable drones to take safe autonomous decisions.
  • Ensure the deployment of trusted communications.
  • Minimize the design and verification effort for complex drone applications.
  • Ensuring sustainable impact and creation of an industry-driven community.

COMP4DRONES is also building an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and goal-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new drone functionalities for multiple application domains. Lead applications driving ecosystem development and benchmarking on the fields of transport, infrastructure inspection, urban logistic, precision agriculture, parcel delivery, among others, will be produced.

As a strategic partner in prototyping novel unmanned vehicles, Aitronik has the responsibility of integrating the autonomous rover in the Precision Agriculture Use Case, to enable in-field cooperation of two different types of autonomous vehicles, a field rover and a drone, in crop monitoring, with special emphasis on health and growth crop management.

The ATR Orbiter ground rover robotized by Aitronik

The field rover is a robotic platform based on the ATR-Orbiter robot, manufactured in Italy by ATR-Robotics. ATR-ORBITER is a powerful, robust, fully radio-controlled mobile robot crawler and is able to tackle any type of terrain and suitably used for a wide variety of applications.

With its Italian partners Abinsula, Aitek, Modis Consulting, Ro Technology, Tekne, Topview, Ud’anet, Università degli Studi del Sannio, Università dell’Aquila, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Università di Sassari, Aitronik is paving the road for a more sustainable, safe, and healthy agriculture. Do you want to be part of it or know more?

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This project has received funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 826610. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands.

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