Aitronik joins judging panel of RAMI Marine Robotics Challenge

Did you know that the NATO STO-CMRE – Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation in La Spezia recently hosted the RAMI International Challenge on Marine Robotics? At Aitronik, we were truly honored to be invited to join the jury for this remarkable event. Our team members, Federico Mazzitelli, Nicola Esposito, and Roberto Mati, had the […]

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Seabed Exploration

Did you know that only 5% of the seabed have been explored by humans? The remaining 95% is still a mystery. The oceans occupy 70% of the Earth’s total surface area and over 90% of the planet’s living space. The oceans influence climate and weather patterns on earth, and a large number of oceanic flora […]