Privacy-by-Design, AI, and Drones

Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Drones: what do they have in common? What should developers of AI systems take care of? This is what we have shared today at Aitronik. Simona Ghionzoli, a brilliant lawyer with 20+ years of professional experience spent as a legal account for banking institutions, delighted us with a workshop on the most […]

Aitronik has a new home

We are excited to share that Aitronik has a new home! And it’s not just any home – it’s a 500 square-meter building with an indoor test area that spans 300 square meters and is 9 meters high, dedicated to Aerial Drones and Ground Robots. We’re thrilled to have this new space to continue our […]

Aitronik joins judging panel of RAMI Marine Robotics Challenge

Did you know that the NATO STO-CMRE – Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation in La Spezia recently hosted the RAMI International Challenge on Marine Robotics? At Aitronik, we were truly honored to be invited to join the jury for this remarkable event. Our team members, Federico Mazzitelli, Nicola Esposito, and Roberto Mati, had the […]

Workshop Master Robotics and Machine Learning

The two-day Workshop of the Master Robotics and Machine Learning by Experis Academy in collaboration with Aitronik has come to an end! For two days, the 16 participants (all industry professionals) acquired practical skills in the development of mobile robots inside Aitronik’s labs. On Friday the participants got familiar with self-driving robot technologies, experimenting with […]

Aitronik provides software for new Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

You may not have heard this yet, but at Aitronik we focus every day on developing high-quality software for different types of unmanned vehicles, including Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). Oceans and seas are a fundamental part of our planet, and more than 80% are still unexplored. At the same time, the market for Autonomous Underwater […]